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Digital Recording Studio

Jill in the studio

The latest digital technology is used in our local book and magazine production.
Our studio has received national recognition for our high quality, low noise recordings.

Oklahoma's digital studio hits high standards NLS Newsletter July-September 2005

Oklahoma studio a model for other states moving to digital recording NLS Newsletter October-December 2005

Volunteer stars honored at Oklahoma library NLS Newsletter July-September 2006

Listen to excerpts of volunteers' recordings

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Excerpts from Oklahoma books:

1. ABC Enid by Gretchen Cole-Lade
This Oklahoma ABC book was put together by a teacher and students with severe disabilities at the Enid High School in Enid, Oklahoma.

2. Buffalo Train Ride by Desiree Morrison Webber
Although millions of buffalo once covered the plains, the animals were hunted almost to extinction in the 1800s. President Theodore opened the way for conservationists to establish a wildlife preserve in Oklahoma Territory. Fifteen buffalo from the New York Zoological Society were loaded onto a train to Oklahoma in order to replenish the lost herds. Bad brakes, Texas fever, wolves, and the not-so-willing attitude of the buffalo stood in their way!

3. When Turtle Grew Feathers by Tim Tingle
When Rabbit challenges Turtle to a race, he gets his comeuppance...and Turtle gets a little help from his friend, Turkey. In the process, we learn why Turtle's shell is cracked and why you never see Rabbit racing Turtle today.

OLBPH also produces two popular magazines:

1. Oklahoma Today

2. Cowboys Indians


Gift books and suggested recordings will be evaluated according to our selection guidelines. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering please contact Jill Streck, Studio Director.

Our studio was made possible with funding from the Institute of Library and Museum Services, whose mission is to create strong libraries that connect people to information and ideas.

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